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Brainstorming Session
Client Experience Strategy - Large Bank

A large financial institution had focused on efficiency at the expense of client experience and needed to pivot the organization and its culture. We helped create insights about customers that employees could empathize with and developed a desired experience that delivered against what both employees and customers expected from the brand. This was used to create an internal movement toward a more client-centric interaction model. Increases in Cx KPIs were above expectations.

Digital Engagement Ecosystem - Leading Tech Company

Growth primarily from acquisitions had increased complexity for a leading technology company.  Over time, they had become less focused on their clients and the web presence was too complex for users to find what they were looking for.  We developed key personas for their buying audiences, and created an information architecture and website to drive their business strategy.  We integrated the new platform with mobile and responsive design, the salesforce automation system and ensured it was measured and optimized to scale with future growth needs. An integrated bought, owned, earned media strategy was implemented to increase awareness and engagement metrics.

Growth Strategy - Innovative Fintech

Worked collaboratively with a new fintech player to size their market, identify key segments/partners and create rich personas.  Additionally, we created a new brand in the marketplace and created their internal communications plans. These efforts improved KPIs and achieved sales metrics above targets.  

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